I started the company because I realized how many people disliked exercise, were too busy to get to the gym and who sometimes lacked the motivation. With my sports background, I just always assumed everyone loved gyms, after all look at all the cool equipment, not to mention the eye candy.

But yes I was grossly mistaken.

It is a known fact that a large amount of people with gym memberships never use them.

However, it is also a known fact that exercise positively affects every part of your body, increasing immunity to disease and sickness .

So why are people not gymming?

From that question Joy of Movement Fitness Solutions was born.
I had many different names for my company but settled on Joy of Movement Fitness Solutions, because the name encompasses everything I want the company to stand for.

We don’t want exercise to be something daunting that people need to be afraid of, but we want to cultivate a love for exercise and through that a love for our bodies. Afterall it’s the only body you have.

It has to be about moving and enjoying it.

Being in the industry, I realized that most people want to exercise, and most people understood the importance of it.

So why were people not gymming?
The same question popped up yet again.
So I started asking people why.

I found the main reasons were time and money! Ponderering on those 2 facts, I concluded that we could cater for both those problems, without jeopardising the quality and integrity of our sessions.

If time is the issue, we could train you at your home, office or even at a nearby park. Thus saving hours of travelling and other logistics.

If money is your problem, we recommend group sessions, bootcamps, joining us on regular complimentary hikes or even just motivating you to get a group of friends together to walk a few times a week.

And that is where the name really took shape.
Joy of Movement – because we should enjoy it first.
And Fitness Solutions – because we don’t have all the answers but we’re prepared to help find the solution, for you.

If you genuinely want to improve your lifestyle, we have the answer. And if we don’t we will best guide you on where to find it.

Joy of Movement Fitness Solutions?