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Fitness Intro Pack

Need to start exercising but have no idea how? Start your fitness journey with our Fitness Intro Pack in the comfort of your home and pay 50% less*. The Fitness Intro Pack includes: Session 1:  Fitness Assessment & Consultation Assessments will be done with the Skulpt scanner and app. Read more about how it works and why its our preferred […]

Complimentary Workout Package

The JOM philosophy is for you “to rediscover the joy of movement”. So in 2018, we want everybody to get active, start moving, and be healthy! This is how we are going to move you! We’re offering YOU “our complimentary basic movement workout package” that includes: • our basic movement workout program. Click here to […]


Pilates in the Comfort of your Own Home

Make the move to inner wellness with Pilates in the comfort and convenience of your home! Some of the benefits of Pilates include: core strength muscle endurance full body strength trim & tone your body improved co-ordination and balance low impact while toning flexibility body alignment …with Angela, our certified Pilates mat instructor:  Angela has 12 years experience […]

Chiselled – What is the Skulpt App?

Scaling down The days of scales are done, the measure of how much pressure one puts on the earth is no more an indicator of health or leanness than a single rainfall is of a drought’s end. We’ve established that what people mean when they say “weight loss” is really “fat loss”. You could be […]

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The Reluctant Exerciser

I was a reluctant exerciser. Not that I disliked exercise per se. It’s just that I sucked at it! You name the sport; I sucked at it. You know that fat kid, that’s always last to be chosen for teams at school? The kid who wears glasses (from age 4!) and has what was known […]

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Home based personal training

Start working on the summer body you want, today. Training has never been more convenient! Train in the comfort of your home, Get the summer body you want, Look and feel great, Perform at your optimum! Fill in your details below and we will contact you Check us out on the following platforms:

Home Based Personal Training Winter Special

SPECIAL OFFER: JULY ONLY: Train in the comfort of your own home with one of our friendly qualified Personal Trainers for 50% off. Visit our Facebook page for more info about JOM, our products and awesome clients.   Contact us to book your first session of convenient fitness.   T’s & C’s apply!

Key to Assessment Scores & Norms

We say regular Fitness Assessments are crucial. You might wonder why? Well… Keeping track of your results is important once you have completed our fitness assessment. It can be used as a tool for motivation and progress. Hence we want to empower you with the necessary information so that you can compare your scores in […]