Chiselled – What is the Skulpt App?

Scaling down

The days of scales are done, the measure of how much pressure one puts on the earth is no more an indicator of health or leanness than a single rainfall is of a drought’s end. We’ve established that what people mean when they say “weight loss” is really “fat loss”. You could be 100kg and look amazingly lean with a body fat of 5%, or 50kg with a body fat of 30%. So with the archaic notion of BMI swiftly put behind us, Joy of Movement have a new toy that focuses on what is important, namely body composition. Previously we depended on analytical scales that aren’t really all that accurate, but were a nice tool to make use of for the average Joe. But as technology advances so do we.

Say whaaaat

The Skulpt Chisel is basically a digital calliper, and with a high accuracy it is ideal for both competitive individuals and people who just want to drop some chub and improve wellbeing.

Old school

The fancy scales we used before used Bioimpedance technology which sends an electrical current through you from your feet, then makes an estimate based on how long the signal took to return. The logic being that body fat is not a good conductor; and pairing this signal with your age, height, gender and a few other details is what gives the machine its outcome. For a while it worked and was less invasive than the sting of callipers but, unfortunately it’s not terribly accurate and small things like a full bladder can throw it off by quite a margin.

How SKULPT Works

The Skulpt works with Electrical Impedance Myography which was initially designed for keeping tabs on neuromuscular diseases. This basically sends an electrical signal through targeted areas with multiple receptors that can accurately determine the difference between muscle and fat and, through its use on different areas on the body, it can give a total body average much like callipers do but without the grabbing.

  • Aside from the accuracy and the awesome light display the device gives, the Skulpt has quite a bit more to offer than the traditional scale.
  • The device is easily transported and quickly set up, which for the trainer is a big bonus over the scale.
  • It doesn’t just take your body fat percentage but also calculates muscle quality. This allows you to not only see your overall muscle density vs your body fat but  also tells you the strength of individual muscles. This means that we can see muscle imbalances and how to correct them. The app that comes with the device will give the user a full comprehensive rundown of the imbalances and how to solve them.
  • It is not really affected by how much you ate, how full your bladder is or any of the other small variables that usually affect an assessment outcome. Because it is placed on specific spots and held against muscle and fat it isn’t affected by the Mac burger you ate 2 hours ago because this has nothing to do with your stomach. This gives us a much better chance of getting an accurate reading and difference in body composition each time we take the assessment.
  • Probably Skulpt’s best feature is the Skulpt app itself that can be installed on any phone, even without the device. This app links to your phone’s health app with regards to your age, height, weight, gender, etc. The fact that you, as a client, can have the app means that all the trainer has to do is actually do the measuring and the results will be saved on your phone immediately, for you to view whenever you like without the paperwork that we once needed.
  • The app also presents you with a dual meter that gives your fat percentage and muscle quality a rating from “needs work” to “athletic” so you can see where you are and where you should be or would like to be.

Sites Used

Sites are measured at 12 sites on both the left and right sides of body.



























































































Upper Back










Lower Back










Needless to say we’re pretty excited about this little device and you can see why. At this point in time it is on the cutting edge of fitness and health technology and we’re right up there with it this year.